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Hypnosis has been around for over 200 years. It is a great way to make much needed changes in your life. Ready to quit smoking? Ready to manage your weight? Ready to stop feeling anxious? Want to get better scores on your SAT, ACT or some other exam?  Why not give hypnosis a try?  

Most changes can be made in as little as three sessions!  Imagine how much money you will save on cigarettes, or food, or even on cost for retaking tests!

Hypnosis works because the suggestions made while you are in a "hypnotic state" (deeply relaxed) will go directly into the subconscious mind. You will make the changes without having to think much about it.

This is much different then the hypnosis you have seen at parties or on stage. I won't make you "cluck like a chicken" or "dance around the room". You will be completely aware of all of the suggestions that I make for you highest and best benefit.  I will even teach you self-hypnosis that will help you with anxiety or insomnia.

I have seen awesome results with this technique so I totally understand why it has been around for so long. Call today to make your appointment and change your bad habits!