Holiday Perfection???

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Holiday Perfection???

Holiday Perfection

Around this time of the year, mere mortal humans strive to be in the perfect zone during the holidays.  Wanting to achieve the famous holiday legend which seems to hold on year after year – perfection. The perfect present, the perfect partner, the perfect party, the perfect dinner, the perfect day and lastly the perfect reaction.

I have to admit I too reach for that elusive holiday perfection in my mind. All the media hype sets extremely unreachable goals which sets me up for disappointment when it is not achieved in reality. Perfection is really folklore.

Perfection causes

Unfortunately due to all the variables this concept of perfection is not possible. Even the smallest disappointment shatters the season. What does happen with this concept of perfection is you analyze your efforts, methods and yourself. Then instead of a Christmas list you come up with a long mental lists of everything you said or did wrong that was not perfect.  This mindset and endeavor truly defeats the spirit.

Reach for the spirit

Instead of keeping score of your failures, why don’t you work on a list of all you have to be grateful for? If you do, you will discover that you have so much more to be grateful for not only this holiday season but also throughout the coming year.

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